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Our One-Size-Fit-All Security Solutions Enables you to Confront Cyber Security Threats and Challenges, Strengthening Protection and the Data Defense of your Eco-system. We Passionately Prepares you today for the Security Threats of Tomorrow! Our Intelligently Designed Layered Security Orchestration Smartens your Entire Digital Infrastructure.

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Our Product

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Veritable cybersecurity provides the simplest and inexpensive ways to discover, prevent, and manage cyber threats and vulnerabilities across the enterprise. Our cyber security expertise defends applications, systems, and code from malicious cyber threats (and attacks). Our innovative, secure cyber hygiene practices keep the security risks and breaches at bay for everyone from cyber newbies to veterans.

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Our Services

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Data Protection & Encryption

Data access controls with authentication and privacy protection techniques.

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Managed Firewall Services

Improved customized security with robust managed firewall protection

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Network & Server Security

Network forensics, visibility and segmentation techniques.

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Mobile End-to-End Security

Data and application security intelligence and optimizations techniques.

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Cloud Security Services

Enterprise level security practices safeguarding cloud environments

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Software Security Testing

As mentioned in Tovetechs existing website, because I am not clear about the names client has given to his products.

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Our Features

A powered immune system capabilities providing multi-layer defense system Predict cyberbullying and threat behavior patterns with security orchestration and analytics Smart prevention/management techniques for crypto hacks and cloud security breaches High-risk threats detections with near real-time correlation&behavioral anomaly detection Optimal prevention strategy for data leaks and data breaches with wide coverage Intuitive vulnerability detection and risk mitigation programs among billions of data points Reduce security risk to the organization by developing cybersecurity programs Protect customers and organizational confidential information complying security mandates


Meticulous and authentic business security defense.

Provide detailed definite reporting for highly digitized and interconnected world, detecting internal and external potential cyber security risks. Our reliable security metrics surveillance insulate the entire business from the security breaches.


Implement a command and control on entire traffic.

We are flexible to change. Online threats and vulnerabilities are volatile because of the large collection of connected Internet-of-things. We handles all hidden vulnerabilities with our dynamic secure solutions, effectively detecting Malwares and Ransomwares.


Reduce time and cost with easeful cybersecurity defense.

As businesses steadily scaling to the cloud, we integrate with your existing business ecosystem instead of mixing security and complexity. Our solutions are built-In simple solutions with a lots of user-friendly processes, work-flows, and UI features.