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We Build Each SDLC Phase to Highly Safeguard System Security Secure SDLC

  • FIRST STAGE: Requirement Gathering & Design - Model the Threat Realized Possibilities
  • SECOND STAGE: Development - Performing Secured Code Review that shows risk prone areas
  • THIRD STAGE: Pen Test All of the System Inputs and Outputs Comparing with Security Challenges


  • Firstly, Critical Asset(s) Identification
  • Interpretation and Analysis of System Architecture
  • Application Decompose
  • Finding Out the Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
  • Finally, Develop Risk Matrix

Secure Code Review

Static Code Review on Applications Performed with the Topnotch Industry Standard Tools like IBM App Scan or HP Fortify that effectively Finds Out the Risk Probe Vulnerabilities based upon the Standards Derived on OAWSP-Top-10.

Penetration Testing

  • Run Pen Tests on application(s) by the Certified Security Professionals
  • Check the Application Control(s) Validity by the following parameters
  • Input Data Validation
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Configuration Management
  • Sensitive Data
  • Session Management
  • Cryptography
  • Exception Management
  • Auditing and Logging
  • Exhibiting expertise over security assessment tools like OWASP ZAP Proxy, BurpSuite, DirBuster, and NMap
  • Metasploit, Kali Linux, and Nessus

Information Security Based Core Strengths of TroveTechs

  • Proven hands-on experience over Various Secured Domain Verticals such as Compliance & Audit, Business Continuity Planning, Risk Management, Network Security, and Application Security.
  • Certified Professionals and Expertise Staff to perform Security Analysis and Deliver the Inputs that ensure Compliance with Industry Standards such as ISO 27001, CISM, CISA, and CEH
  • Provide Audit Results based on SOX Compliance
  • Dispense efficient and robust enterprise level framework that comprise of control(s) such as Authentication, Authorization, and Cryptography
  • Organization Level Coaching that ensures Highest Security from the Security Awareness to Implementation of Security