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The Trovetechs cyber security services was founded in 2016. It provides the industry leading expertise with easy-to-deploy security solutions.

It empowers organizations keeping digital eco-system one step ahead of the security threats, passionately preparing stakeholders today for the security threats of tomorrow! Its intuitively designed layer security orchestration smartens the data protection, strengthening the entire digital infrastructure of the organizations.

Our Mission

Focus on mission-critical data protection, going beyond the vulnerability detection and making the business eco-system fail-proof. The security audit for malware and vulnerabilities includes timely detection and prevention of threats, retaining accuracy and integrity of the information.

Our Vision

Smarten and strengthen the digital infrastructure of the organizations with intelligently designed layered cyber security solutions that can be automated and simplified to enhance the application, network, and code security, reducing the vulnerability to data loss.

Our security experts harness decades of experience to keep networks, application, and code secure. This simplifies our solutions and services accurately assessing and managing threats (and vulnerabilities), complying with the industry and government regulations, guidelines, & standards.

Our 360° Cyber Security Technology Protect Networks, Applications, and Codes the Inside-Out and the Outside-In of the Digital Infrastructure

why we?

  • Dynamic Monitoring & Tracking
    Track assets and monitors vulnerabilities with unsurpassed accuracy.
  • Smoothen User Experience
    An intuitive UI with the guided in-application messaging makes the tasks user-friendly.
  • Passive Network Monitoring
    Continuous monitoring of network traffic detects short-lived systems and hard-to-scan devices.
  • Comprehensive Analytical Assessments
    Sensor agent based active scanning and passive network monitoring to maximize the coverage.