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Keep your entire web perimeter secure!

Veritable effectively manage your vulnerability risk

Our Dynamic Application Security Product smartly monitors and manages the security of your entire portfolio of the web applications, rapidly remediating vulnerabilities (both internal and external web applications), reducing the risk of the breach. It is automated and includes the “Policy Management”, “Application Scanning & Testing, “Vulnerability Remediation”, “Network & Vulnerability Monitoring”, and “the Reporting (vulnerabilities, compliance issues, etc.)”. The “Veritable” is an effective security solution that offers scalability with ease of implementation and integration cyclical practices that includes:

Our preemptively designed security solution defends shielding the applications, software, and networks from the data breaches and other cyber-attacks. Our key process to effectively deploy vulnerability management includes the following core steps :

  • Outline the vulnerability management policy.
  • Discover existing vulnerabilities.
  • Analyze current level of security and prioritize vulnerabilities by threat level/remediation actions needed.
  • Mitigate the causes of vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain security through ongoing testing and discovery.

Vulnerability Management

Our quality security solutions protect every piece of organizational digital assets (web application, software code, and network) from cyber-attack. Secure your big and complex enterprise

Secure your big and complex enterprise

software ecosystem today !

Our unified security solution
provides the visibility you need

Unlike traditional network-based scanning, we use web-application layer crawling, integrated web searches, domain brute forcing and other customize approaches. Our expert team ensures that discovery scans run smoothly, bringing comprehensive scan results.

Spend less time handling the scanning process and more time on other important mission-critical tasks using our dynamic security analysis and security solutions.

Kick off Scans. Set it! Forget it!

Veritable is intuitively smart that automate scans through recurring scheduling. The user can easily set up scheduled scans that do not require continuous monitoring. Our prompt dynamic scheduled scan ensures No-Disruptive operations. It is intelligent hence requires no monitoring. Users are relieved from development coordination, code hunts or locating binaries overheads to commence dynamic scans, they are highly independent and user-friendly that can be set up with just the URL.

Easy Multiple Applications Scanning!

The user does not require scanning multiple applications by uploading all of them at once, rather our easy-to-use capability allows you to simply upload the .csv documents to dynamic analysis specifying all URLs. You can also schedule the batch scan of multiple applications, grouping entire applications, simultaneously. Wait time is over, no modification in the scripts required saving tons of time and resources. That is incredible!

Complete coverage and visibility to overall risk

Our redesign scan engine enables scanners to rapidly crawl and audit pages. This returns faster results. This implies your developers are spared from chasing non-existent threats. Our application security solution provides the user with comprehensive test results (static analysis, composition analysis, dynamic analysis, and manual penetration testing), all in a single location.

Gain a better understanding of the organizational risk from development through production with our effective reporting. The user can easily prioritize remediation and manage organizational security policies assuring that entire application meets the required compliance policies.

Remediation is made easy with our complete range of fanatical technical support and specialized centralized platform. That brings all major application security methodologies under one roof, making easy for user to manage risk across entire application landscape.

Veritable dauntingly creates and expands the application security programs !

Leverage our wide range of cyber security services with confidence, today !

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